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Asperger’s Treatment

Difficulty with nonverbal communication skills is an indicator of Asperger’s Syndrome

In 1944 Hans Asperger began studying children which seemed to have a problem with nonverbal communication skills, empathy with other kids and were physically clumsy. By 1981 the syndrome called “Asperger’s Syndrome” had come into our collective consciousness. People with Asperger’s have a real problem reading body language and social cues; they tend to make inappropriate remarks in social situations because they can’t empathize with their peers.

Classroom Problems

Like those with Autism, children diagnosed with Asperger’s also tend to be hyper-focused on certain interests, often to the exclusion of other tasks. The syndrome often improves with maturity, leaving only the social problems behind. Individuals with this disorder tend to have communication problems with their teachers, parents and peers and thus will present with a learning disability. They have difficulty working with both teachers and other students to complete projects or tasks, preferring to work alone on tasks of interest.

Completion of tasks not chosen by student is a key component of Asperger’s treatment at BPI

At Brain Potential Institute, our treatment for Asperger’s involves working to draw the student into completion of tasks that are of low interest to him or her; increasing time on task, speed of completion and by encouraging conversation during tasks, increased interaction with others.