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ADD and ADHD Treatment for Children

Brain exercises of the prefontal cortex improve attention, concentration, planning, organization and impulse control

Many people question if ADD and ADHD truly exists or whether it is a fad diagnosis. Many mistakenly believe that people with ADD and ADHD are simply lazy or undisciplined. It is now obvious on functional brain imaging studies such as PET, SPECT and fMRI that Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity (ADHD) are indeed measurable brain dysfunctions. On functional imaging study, it is apparent that the prefontal cortex of the brain actually deactivates when a person with ADD/ADHD attempts to concentrate.

Medication and Brain Training in ADD / ADHD Treatment for Children

Many parents are in search of methods that treat attention and concentration problems without using medication. At Brain Potential Institute (BPI), many students perform brain exercise programs without medication. Other students find their best results are achieved when receiving supplements and or prescribed medications along with their brain exercises. Many are able to reduce or even completely remove medications once brain training is complete.

Motor activities and distractions are key elements in brain exercises

We have long been taught that people who are distractable need to be working in very quiet, under-stimulating environments. At BPI, we have found that simple mental tasks done at relatively high speed combined with physical movement activities and distractions teach the brain to screen out distraction. Since the student and trainer work one-on-one in a enclosed room, we can tailor the level of distraction and increase it as brain repair occurs. Our program is unique because we blend mental exercise with physical exercise to achieve a stronger brain repair.

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