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How Does Brain Training Work?

At Brain Potential Institute our mission is to optimize, through brain training, the human brain to reach its highest intellectual potential for best performance at school and work, and to preserve function at every age.

Brain training, also known as cognitive training, is rewiring of the brain

More specifically, brain training is measuring and then exercising the neurological systems that become your brain’s ability to learn new material, your “hard drive”. Highly targeted brain exercises that focus on memory, auditory processing, attention and concentration result in new and permanent brain synaptic growth. In other words, we are able to rewire the brain by increasing synaptic connections.

Brain training is derived from the latest neuroplasticity research

For decades it was believed that new neurons were not created after infancy. We now know that the brain actually creates new brain cells even into old age. The average adult brain contains more than 100 billion neurons and each of these has tens of thousands of connections or relationships with other neurons. This means there are trillions of connections between neurons! It has been revealed that the brain is quite plastic and is constantly creating new connections as a result of experiences in learning. That process can be dramatically accelerated with specific brain exercise that is intended to target a weak learning system.

Completion of our brain training program often increases IQ by 10 to 30 points

Children and adults may increase their reading levels by three to four years after an average of 80 hours of instruction. Note taking, math and writing skills also improve tremendously.

By optimizing neurological processes required for learning, Brain Potential Institute has helped thousands of people of all ages. Brain training significantly helps those with learning disabilities and other types of neurological problems often overlooked, under treated or ignored.

What neurological systems does brain training affect?