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We've had the pleasure of helping many wonderful people overcome their challenges in life and succeed. Some of them have been kind enough to share their stories with us. We hope you find their words encouraging.

I have confidence that I didn't have before. I know I can figure it out!"

--Dolan (Texas, USA)
Program: Brain Training

Thank you for everything! I can see Joshua improving!

--Helen (Texas, USA)
Program: Brain Training

He is now at the top of the class in reading and comprehension.

--Mayra (California, USA)
Program: Brain Training

Rachel is really enjoying the sessions! I'm so happy with the progress she has made!

--Paula (Texas, USA)
Program: Brain Training

We were thinking about possibly getting her into tutoring again just for the summer!

--Isabella (Texas, USA)
Program: Brain Training

Her tutor was seeing a difference after the first three sessions!!
We are very excited.
Thank you.

--Kristin (Texas, USA)
Program: Brain Training

Izzy is doing great she passed to the second grade with flying colors!

--Amanda (Texas. USA)
Program: Brain Training

We can have a conversation & hold her attention now!

--Jennifer (Texas, USA)
Program: Brain Training

I suddenly saw a major improvement in Megan's reading. It's only been a few sessions and it's like things finally clicked!

--Cary (Colorado, USA)
Program: Brain Training

What you guys did for me, I want to do in other kids lives. I can't thank you enough for what you did in my life, opening doors I couldn’t even think to see before. Still a long way off to college but just really interested in what training and courses I would have to go through. Maybe I could end up working for you as a teacher to other kids like me and change their lives.

Thank You

--Wyatt (Texas, USA)
Program: Brain Training

I'm proud of him and so thankful
for all you all have done to help him as well. I'm sad his time is coming to
an end.

--Tabitha (Virginia, USA)
Program: Brain Training

We continue to make progress. She sat in the front seat of the car with me over the weekend. A first!
I walked her through turning on the oven & washing potatoes for dinner the other night over the phone, while her dad was grilling. We were both surprised!

--Jennifer (Texas, USA)
Program: Brain Training

Sophia likes all the instructors:-)

--Melanie (Texas, USA)
Program: Brain Training

For the first time, Ella sings with the radio! And, when she opened her birthday presents, she expressed happiness! Before, she would open them, be expressionless, and then later express her excitement. She was so much more fun to watch!

--Mary Anne (California, USA)
Program: Brain Training

I wanted to let you know that Daniel showed significant improvement on his IOWA and cognitive exams he took this year. I want to thank you and all the trainers for working with him. We are very proud that he showed improvement and so was he. I know the training he received helped him. Thanks again and I will certainly reach out if we need your services in the future.

--Lisset (Texas, USA)
Program: Brain Training

"We are so overjoyed with Abi's results. We shared them with Abi to encourage her. She's very excited to continue making progress."

--Michelle (Texas, USA)
Program: Brain Training

"She keeps asking for me to take her 'back to brain training because it was so fun'.

I will forever be grateful to all of you for your hard work and as well as the care and concern everyone showed our little girl. She would not be where she is today if it were not for all the help you all have given her.

Please share this with all of your staff because we want all of them to know what a difference they have made in this little girls life. Not only have her grades improved to the point of being an honor roll student, but this girls confidence is through the roof and I am over the moon. It is so amazing to see her go from being a struggling student who was not at grade level to now being at grade level and achieving all A's and B's."

--Trisha (Texas, USA)
Program: Brain Training

WE SURE MISS YOU GUYS! Reni has been doing well since all of her BP intervention. We are still so very grateful for you guys and what you do.

--Kelli (Texas, USA)
Program: Brain Training

Great to see how much progress Hunter made. Thank you!

--Brad (California, USA)
Program: Brain Training

There are 37 students in the First Grade and Ethan was 1 of the 9 who qualified to participate in the Spelling Bee!

I truly appreciate everything your team did to help my son!

--Marla (Texas,USA)
Program: Brain Training

Elijah actually has asked a few times if he was going back to Brain Potential and said he wanted to! I truly believe that everyone’s work at Brain Potential was very beneficial for him. Since then, he has shown such growth and maturity. The breakthrough came after Brain Potential, so did his acceptance of learning (he is always ready to read or do some quick math games...) His speech has come almost to age level.
All that to say, Brain Potential was truly the best thing for him and if ever possible I would so gladly get him reconnected. I have recommended you often.

--Gheslaine (Texas, USA)
Program: Brain Training

Ryan is doing well. He is still making progress. He's still got a long way to go, but the progress he made with BPI was a life saver! :-)

--Jennifer (Texas, USA)
Program: Brain Training

I think about you guys often. You did such a great job with Blaire.

--Lea Ann (Texas, USA)
Program: Brain Training, Tutoring

I just wanted to share with you a brief moment from last Friday night. Ygal's class led the Shabat service at our temple.
Ygal practiced a lot and even though he was very nervous, he stood up in from of the congregation and read beautifully the part that he was assigned to!!!
We are so proud of him and wanted to share this since you are all a very big part in his accomplishment!
Thank you for all you do!

--Ruth (Texas, USA)
Program: Brain Training

Our girl got into UT and we are over the moon. It was with your help and positive reinforcement of her work that helped her achieve this. Thank you - again and again!! Many thanks and hugs to you and your team!!

You have been a blessing to us and we are so very grateful

--Frances (Brain Potential)