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The BPI Team

Our brain trainers have educational backgrounds in many various fields including therapy disciplines, nursing, education, foreign language studies, applied mathematics and more. We prefer to have educational diversity on the team to ensure that we continually cut the edge and think outside the box. We believe that if we were all similarly credentialed, we would tend to think in similar patterns that would be counterproductive to this new and emerging field.

Cathy Linney

Co-Owner, Business Manager

Cathy Linney is a co-owner and Business Administrator of our company, including testing and consulting for our program. She is a massive talent with many years of Special Education experience and a passion for using the tools of brain exercise to do whatever it takes to make a brain strong.

In addition to her education credentials, Cathy also has spent much of her career in engineering and accounting. Her engineering perspective is especially useful when our goal is to build the best brain.

She lives in the country, loves all kinds of animals and is surrounded by children and grandchildren. Cathy crochets and knits for pleasure if she ever gets the time.

Alisa Raney

Co-Owner, Program Manager

Alisa Raney is a co-owner, and the Program Director. Her background is in Sociology and Behavioral Sciences. She has home-schooled her five children and they have successfully completed, or are currently attaining college degrees under her instruction.

Alisa first became acquainted with optimizing brains when she and her husband began traveling the nation in search of the most effective brain repair treatments for their son with cerebral palsy. Alisa was privileged to be trained under Jane Davis and tried to glean all she could in the way of neuroplasticity as fast as she could.

In her spare time, Alisa loves leading Bible studies, quilting and her 6 grandchildren. You will love her smile, her energy, and her passion for seeing people achieve their best.

René Boone

Training Team

René has been a Senior Trainer for both the original Brain Potential Institute, when she trained under Jane Davis and continued on to present with Brain Potential Institute of Texas. René is probably our most serious brain trainer. By the time René is done with your brain it will have achieved auditory and linguistic perfection. She has a wealth of experience as an extraordinary home-school mom and teacher.

René is an artist in quilting and in her home. From our youngest trainee to our adult brains, you really get a steady workout as she creates perfection in everything she does.

James Kubena

Training Team

James is our token male trainer and a Senior Trainer for Brain Potential of Texas. He has also been a brain trainer for Brain Potential Institute since the days of Jane Davis. We all enjoy his high intellect and his wonderful sense of humor.

With 15 years in the Army as a Staff Sergeant he brings a totally different benefit to our team. James teaches high school Biology and Chemistry in the classroom along with Algebra and Geometry to homeschoolers. This makes him our favorite math tutor too! Dad of a boy and a girl, he is a wonderful addition to the fun.

Michelle Horne

Training Team

Michelle Horne came to us in 2013 with many years of classroom teaching experience, has homeschooled her own four wonderful children, and now has three attending college. Along with training and tutoring for Brain Potential, she is also teaching math to home school groups.

Michelle sings in her church choir, and loves to travel with youth groups. All of our trainees love Michelle and beg to be working with her. They especially love her youthful and contemporary perspective.

Jana Gaston

Training Team

Jana began working with us at Brain Potential Institute of Texas in 2014. Her diverse work history, which includes marketing and education, to name a few, has really helped fill in a lot of gaps for us. She is currently a librarian, mother of two, and has proven invaluable to the company.

In addition, Jana has public school experience as an evaluator of teachers, another bonus when working with brain training ideas, tweaking our programs, and knowing what our students need. This extensive knowledge enables her to establish a good rapport with students of all ages.

Bonnie Netherland

Junior Trainer and Curriculum Design

Bonnie is the newest member to the Brain Potential team. She brought with her 10 years experience as an aide, then teacher, then assistant to the director of a very successful preschool and kindergarten, all while completing her degree. She has served as Children Ministry team leader for her church and loves all things education. Bonnie’s experience in curriculum and creativity is vast. She is proving invaluable to the company, meeting and creating what we need along with her love of helping students!