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Our History

All good things grow and expand and Brain Potential Institute is no exception. The original company was founded in 2002 by Jane Davis, under the name “Kid Potential” but changed its name to Brain Potential Institute (“BPI” for short) in 2010. BPI has been a haven for a number of children and adults who have found school or work just a little too difficult to manage. In fact, we have evaluated over 3000 students and treated almost a third of those. Some students were simply struggling in school, some were high functioning individuals living with Attention Deficit Disorder who found they had simply missed a step somewhere along the way and had fallen behind. Others were evaluated as low functioning (IQ scores lower than 80 points) individuals who had been relegated to Special Education classes. Many of these students left at grade level or even at an accelerated level, their brains rewired to handle the trials of everyday life.

It was not long before we discovered that brain training was not only beneficial to children, but to adults as well. We had worked with a number of adults who felt they were at their wits end in work or retirement, and we had put them back on their track to success. With this new information, we expanded our mission, built a whole new program which expanded our reach to any age group. In 2010, we changed our name to “Brain Potential Institute”, a more accurate description of our service and with our internet-based VOLT program, we managed to expand our reach to include not just the local Houston area, but any English-speaking student worldwide.

The year 2013 brought an end to the original BPI, as Jane and her husband refocused their efforts and priorities. Jane continues to work with our team as a Consultant and tester of our students, but her primary focus is on the needs of her family, including her young granddaughter, and aging parents.